Our commitment to sustainability.

Recyclable packaging.

We are moving towards fully recyclable packaging, which also includes swapping polystyrene inserts with ‘egg crate’ style inserts. Biodegradable bags will be used for screws, and our packaging design uses less printed colours.

eco style packaging

Swapping polystyrene for egg crate inserts.

Polystyrene inserts are bulky, hard to dispose of and do not break down easily. We are proudly moving towards egg crate style inserts in all of our ceiling fan packaging.

One of the primary benefits is that our egg crate inserts are made from recycled materials, which helps to reduce waste and conserve natural resources. Additionally, egg crate packaging material is biodegradable, meaning that it can be broken down by natural processes and will not contribute to environmental pollution. You can even add it to your compost heap at home, it will break down organically in no time.

A commitment to energy efficient products.

Energy efficient DC motors.

Our DC fans feature energy efficient motors, meaning they cost less to run. DC motors operate by using a permanent magnet rotor and an electronic controller to switch the current in the motor’s windings.

By using electronic switching to control the current, this eliminates energy loss.

This translates to very low operating costs – many of our fans will consume as little as 2-3w on the lowest speed. The impact on power bills is substantial – for example an Infinity-iD operating on low speed 24/7 will cost as little as $2-3 to run per quarter.

This means that ceiling fans are by far and away the most energy efficient method of cooling, if you can run your fan and not your air conditioner the savings will be substantial.

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dc motor exploded

Energy efficient LED lights.

Our LED lights typically use 18-20w at full brightness and substantially less at lower levels. With many of our models featuring 8 levels of brightness to choose from, running costs are further reduced with the lighting at a lower, more ambient level. Furthermore – our LED panels are designed to last, as well as being user replaceable…


Replaceable components.

LED panels.

The LED panels on our ceiling fans can be easily replaced without the need for an electrician. In fact, they are available to purchase at the same time as your fan from one of our authorised stockists. Providing you with the ultimate peace of mind and longevity.

replacement led panels
led panel

Reducing printed materials.

Our quest to save paper means that our SMART manual is available for download online, as are all of our installation manuals. All of our SMART fans include a simple QR code, simply scan to download the app as well as view the installation instructions.

fanco qr code

Supporting environmentally conscious initatives.

At Fanco, we support socially conscious housing initiatives and are extremely proud to partner with a leader in housing revolution – Nightingale Housing, who are committed to building high-quality homes for people, not profit.


Innovation geared towards sustainability & energy efficiency.

Moving forwards our goal is to create more products that help us achieve greater levels of sustainability and energy efficiency. One example is our Heat recovery range of products, which are designed to provide fresh, filtered air to your home whilst retaining the indoor temperature.

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Transform your environment.