The Future of Small Homes: Modern Design Meets Sustainable Living

In an era where caring for our aging relatives poses numerous challenges, the importance of designing spaces that cater to their special needs cannot be overstated.

Recognising this, a family faced with the task of providing a safe and comfortable living arrangement turned to 4305 Design. The result was the creation of a small home in their garden, affectionately called “Auntie’s Hut,” that not only ensured Auntie’s safety and privacy but also fostered social interaction with the rest of the family.

The primary objective of the project was to design an accessible dwelling that complied with council regulations while being practical, aesthetically pleasing, and low impact. The 4305 Design team faced the challenge of creating a home that embraced the Australian lifestyle while prioritising the health, accessibility, and budgetary considerations. Key concerns included temperature control, mitigating the risk of termite infestations, and managing potential dampness caused by condensation in hidden areas of the building.

The sleek and stylish lines of the Fanco Horizon DC model complemented the overall design of Auntie’s Hut while delivering high airflow capabilities with minimal power usage. This allowed for a comfortable living space that met Auntie’s needs while ensuring energy efficiency.

Temperature control and air quality were vital aspects of Auntie’s Hut. To address these concerns, a heat recovery ventilation unit was incorporated into the design. This unit continuously supplied fresh, filtered air into the space while extracting stale air, thereby reducing condensation and improving air quality. The sophisticated design of the heat recovery unit utilised warm air from the extraction process to warm incoming colder air, resulting in a significant reduction in heat loss.

Ensuring clean air through an automated process was a priority for the project. To achieve this, 4305 Design installed a pair of Wi-Fi Habitat Expert units. These units effectively removed humid air from the bathroom, leveraging breezeways connected to the shower and laundry areas. Simultaneously, clean air was drawn into the living area, providing a continuous circulation of fresh air even when the windows remained closed due to external conditions or Auntie’s limited mobility.

Through collaboration and a shared commitment to prioritising the well-being of our elderly loved ones, we can create spaces that truly enhance their quality of life. By incorporating innovative and sustainable solutions like the Fanco Horizon DC model, we can ensure optimal airflow, energy efficiency, and overall comfort. Fanco remains dedicated to continuing our mission of providing cutting-edge cooling and ventilation products that contribute to the creation of sustainable, human-focused spaces for all.

Project name:
Auntie’s Hut

4305 Design

Thirdson Construction Pty Ltd

Interior Designer:
Esther James

Angus Martin

Fanco products:
Horizon DC Ceiling Fans
Habitat Expert – WiFi Model

Image Credits – Project by 4305 Design – Photography by Angus Martin