Bedroom ceiling fans are essential in Australian homes over Summer. Without them, keeping a room cool enough for a good night’s sleep is either difficult or expensive. Fanco ceiling fans offer an effective and affordable cooling solution for warm nights.  Our fans operate quietly, allowing you to sleep soundly. While you rest, your ceiling fan works through the night to keep you cool. You’ll wake up fresh and ready to enjoy the beautiful Summer weather! As a bonus, most of the fans in our bedroom range come with a reverse function, which helps keep your home energy efficient over Winter.

Choosing a bedroom ceiling fan

Most people want quiet ceiling fans for a bedroom, which is hardly surprising. Modern ceiling fans are quieter than ever before, so it’s not hard to find one that won’t wake you up. But there’s more to choosing a bedroom ceiling fan than minimal noise. These days fans come with new features like timers and remotes. Timers are particularly good for bedrooms because they run the fan for a few hours and then switch it off while you sleep. If you’re choosing a ceiling fan with light,  a remote control enables you to switch the light off from your bed.  We also suggest looking for a fan which provides gentle airflow on its lower settings. DC ceiling fans usually have around 5 or 6 speed settings, meaning that one fan can deliver low and high airflow with several options in between. The best way to see if a fan is right for your bedroom is to test it out in person, so make sure you get in touch with one of our stockists.