When air leaks from vents or windows, regulating the indoor temperature is difficult. Any heat produced by a heater or air cooled by an air conditioner is lost through air leakage. To conserve energy, modern builds rely less on passive ventilation in an effort to keep heat in. The idea is to reduce the building’s reliance on heating and cooling appliances.

Of course, passive vents allow fresh air to come in, so removing them to seal the thermal envelope is only the first step. They need to be replaced with a heat recovery ventilation system like the Habitat Expert with Wifi. A decentralised heat recovery unit like this one is installed through an external wall. It draws fresh air into the room and infuses it with heat recovered from outgoing air.

The Fanco Habitat Expert with Wifi achieves up to 87% heat recovery and offers flexibility when it comes to connectivity and operation. Operable by either the unit’s integrated control panel, remote control or even a smart device, the Fanco Habitat with Wifi allows control options to suit anyone’s needs. The unit’s WiFi connectivity allows for connection with up to 7 other units + 1 smart device. Connecting the unit to a router will allow you to connect to as many additional units and devices as the router permits.

Model number EWVUEX2WIFI
Max. power consumption (Single Unit) 6.6 w
Max. current  (Single Unit) 0.151A
Air volume flow 54 m3/hr
Filter class Included: G3

Optional: F8

Min. outlet aperture 160mm
Wall thickness 355-500mm
Sound power level 51 dB(A)
Height 285mm
Width 235mm
Depth 477mm
Weight 9kg


*1 metre distance, in accordance with ISO 3741:2004