Calculate your room size and find a fan to suit

This is a general guide in helping you select an exhaust fan based on the size of your room and the type of application the fan will be used for.

Select below the application of the fan from the drop-down menu, enter the size of your room and we will provide you with a general capacity range (m3/h) that you should be looking to achieve from the fan.
Important Notice – Please Read before you begin:

This information is intended to be a guide only. It does not constitute specific advice. This calculator is designed to be a tool to assist in calculating the theoretical capacity required for a room based on room size and suggested rate of changes per hour ONLY. It does not by itself provide a ventilation solution for a particular area.

General Room Size Guide

  Location   Air Changes per hour
  Bathroom (toilet only)   6 – 15
  Bathroom with a shower   15 – 25
  Bedroom   5 – 8
  Cafe   15 – 25
  Computer Room   6 – 10
  Factory / Workshop   6 – 10
  Garage   6 – 8
  Commercial Kitchen   20 – 30
  Domestic Kitchen   15 – 25
  Laundry(No Dryer)   6 – 15
  Laundry(With Dryer)   15 – 25
  Commercial Laundry   11 – 20
  Office   4 – 6
  Sub Floor   6 – 10
  Spa Bathroom   15 – 25