Ceiling fans go beyond airflow and cooling. They can be integral statement pieces that add style, connect aesthetic elements and complete the atmosphere of a room. 
Fans come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, and at Fanco we pride ourselves on maintaining the important balance between servicing a wide range of different interior design styles, and delivering effective soothing airflows. 

Join us as we explore the elements that characterise how a style looks, feels and connects to its surroundings; and how ceiling fans can connect and enhance the aesthetic values of the spaces they’re in. 

Elevate your style, transform your environment. 

In this video renowned Australian interior designer James Treble explains how ceiling fans can match and work within a variety of different aesthetic housing styles, and how they can improve the atmosphere of these spaces, and their livability. 

Join James as he explores our National Distributor’s showroom and showcases some of our fan models. 

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