Ceiling fans with light can make an attractive addition to your home and Fanco is proud to offer a great range of fans to suit a broad range of tastes. Over the years,technological advances enabled us to improve the design and efficiency of all our products, but particularly ceiling fans with lights.

The advent of smooth flat LED Panels allowed us to adapt lights to suit the shape of our fans. Although some of our fan lights maintain the traditional look, making thinner lights allows us to offer our customers more options. Our ceiling fan with light range includes models with E27 fittings, which are easy to replace, as well as energy efficient LEDs.

We have a great range of styles and colours available to match existing lighting fixtures as well as the rest of your decor. Browse our range below to find your perfect fan and light package!

When to choose a ceiling fan with light

Depending on the amount of space you have, combining a ceiling fan with a light into one fixture may look better than using separate fixtures for cooling and lighting. There are other options of course, including using a ceiling fan in conjunction with downlights.

If you choose a ceiling fan with either an integrated light or a light as an add-on model, think carefully about the colour temperature and brightness you want for your environment. Some of our models come with colour changing technology, dimming functionality or both.  Ceiling fan models with E27 fittings also allow you a lot of flexibility in terms of choosing colour temperature. When you purchase globes to fit your E27 ceiling fan, check the brightness and colour temperature indicated on the box.

For more information about our ceiling fans with lights or to see one in person, please contact a Fanco stockist. You can also see reviews for our products here.