When air leaks from your home through a vent or a window, it affects the indoor temperature. If you are using a heater in winter for example, you will lose warm air and replace it with cool air. To keep your house warm, you need to use more energy to keep the heater running. The same  is true of air conditioners in summer. Modern day homes are built to prevent heat loss through air leakage, so they need a modern ventilation method to provide fresh air while maintaining the internal indoor temperature.

Striking the balance between energy efficiency and comfort is possible thanks to heat recovery ventilation.These systems facilitate airflow in and out of an otherwise sealed building (or single room), extracting heat from outgoing air and transferring it to incoming air.

Recover up to 93% of heat energy using the Fanco Habitat Expert. This unit is a decentralised unit and is designed for through wall installation. It operates in 70 second cycles, switching between intake and extraction mode. During an extraction cycle, the unit’s ceramic heat exchanger retains heat from the outgoing air. When the unit switches to an intake cycle, it infuses the incoming air with heat.

An adjustable humidity sensor allows you to set up the unit to automatically switch to top speed when the humidity in the room rises. Using simple dip switches located behind the fascia, it’s possible to automatically enable the highest setting when the room reaches either 40%, 50%, 60%, 70 % or 80% humidity. The unit will automatically reset to the pre-set speed once humidity drops below the set point. This function works in conjunction with the delay timer, allowing you to delay the reset according to your preferences.

Decentralised units like this one can operate independently or in conjunction with up to 9 other units. A remote control is included with this model, which also features a control panel on its fascia.


Model number EWVUEX1
Max. power consumption (Single Unit) 5.2 w
Max. current  (Single Unit) 0.039A
Air volume flow 50 m3/hr
Filter class Included: G3

Optional: F7

Min. outlet aperture 160mm
Wall thickness 240mm-500mm,
Sound power level 30 dB(A)*
Height 284mm
Width 280mm
Depth 701mm
Weight 9 kg


*1 metre distance, in accordance with ISO 3741:2004