At Fanco, we support socially conscious housing initiatives and are extremely proud to partner with a leader in housing revolution – Nightingale Housing, who are committed to building high-quality homes for people, not profit. 

Nightingale Housing recognizes the need for architecturally designed, affordable, sustainable homes and their core mission is to create a housing system that is socially, financially, and environmentally sustainable. 


Nightingale’s projects vary in design, however at the heart of it all is accessible living with shared community spaces, and maximizing green spaces.

Fanco’s wide range of ceiling fan and ventilation products form an integral part of Nightingale’s design.


With energy-efficient ceiling fans to ensure minimal use of electricity, and high-quality European made ventilation products, Fanco enhances the sustainability of Nightingale projects.

As Nightingale aims to provide affordable housing Australia wide, we are proud to be part of these visionary projects that exemplify our commitment in sustainable practices.

This map highlights some of the incredible developments we are involved in together.

Amidst the housing crisis which are intensified by the cost-of-living pressures and housing supply shortage, Nightingale’s triple bottom line housing model offers a real solution by prioritizing affordability, sustainability and community.

All Nightingale projects are designed to run fossil fuel-free, cutting out the need for natural gas, with a minimum of 7.5 stars NatHERS rating, and embrace passive design principles such as cross-ventilation.

Nightingale projects Fanco has been involved in