Nightingale Anstey

The Nightingale Anstey project, located in Brunswick, Melbourne, is a shining example of how sustainable and affordable housing can positively impact the surrounding built environment. Developed by Nightingale Housing, a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating environmentally conscious housing options in Victoria, this multi-residential building offers 20 energy-efficient apartments that prioritise both comfort and sustainability.

At the heart of this project is the Nightingale Housing’s commitment to providing affordable housing options to buyers. The apartments are sold at cost, eliminating any developer profit and making them more accessible to individuals and families. This approach ensures that the Nightingale Anstey project remains within an affordable price range, opening doors for people who might otherwise struggle to find suitable housing. In addition to affordability, the Nightingale Anstey project incorporates various sustainable design features that contribute to its eco-friendly nature.

The building boasts solar panels that harness renewable energy, double-glazed windows that improve insulation, and a central heating and cooling system that optimises energy efficiency. These elements combine to reduce the environmental footprint of the building while ensuring a comfortable living environment for its residents.

One notable aspect of the Nightingale Anstey project is the choice of ceiling fans. Nightingale Housing selected the Eco Motion Ceiling Fan, a model known for its emphasis on quality, energy efficiency, and durability. The industrially inspired minimalistic design of the Eco Motion fan adds a touch of modern elegance to the apartments while seamlessly blending with the overall aesthetic of the project.

The Eco Motion fan is powered by a DC motor, which not only delivers quiet operation but also enhances energy efficiency. This innovative technology ensures that the fan consumes minimal electricity while effectively circulating air throughout the apartments, providing a comfortable living space for the residents.

We are proud to actively participate in visionary projects like the Nightingale Anstey, which exemplify our commitment to sustainable practices. These projects showcase how prioritising sustainability doesn’t have to compromise people’s quality of life. In fact, they highlight the profound impact of good design, which should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their income bracket. Aligning with our brand values, we recognise the crucial role these factors play in creating a built environment that benefits all individuals who inhabit it. 


Project name:
Nightingale Anstey

Project by:
Nightingale Housing


Derek Swalwell (facade)
Kate Longley (inside)

Fanco products:
Eco Motion Ceiling Fans

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Image Credits – Project by Nightingale Housing – Photography by Derek Swalwell (facade) and Kate Longley (inside)