OV Series

High Performance Exhaust Fan

The OV series is a high performance axial exhaust fan with a quiet ball bearing motor that is designed for ventilating of
premises where very high air capacity at relatively low system resistance is required.


* Denotes Model & Size

Extraction Capacity


The ventilation flow rate can be referred to either in l/s or m³/h. The Fanco OV series offers very powerful ventilation ranging between model sizes. View the litres per second or cubic meters per hour capacity of each model below.



Model High Speed (m3/hr)
OV1 250 1070
OV1 315 1700
OV 4E 350 2500
OV1 250 297.22
OV1 315 472.22
OV 4E 350 695.00

Dimensions (mm)

MODEL B B1 D L d  
OV1 250 370 320 ø262 140 ø7  
OV1 315 430 380 ø312 170 ø9  
OV 4E 350 485 435 ø388 200 ø9  




Exhaust fans vary in installation location with some fans having the option to be mounted in several locations.

The Fanco OV1 and OV 4E are suitable only for internal wall or ceiling mounting. It can however be connected to duct so that air may be exhausted out of the house.

Noise Level

Sound levels are rated in sones where the lower the rating number, the quieter the fan. Typical economy fans are rated at about 4.0 sones or more while any fan rated 1.0 sones or less is very quiet. Fan noise is affected by the speed and profile or shape of the blade. View the dBA of each model below.

MODEL Noise Level at 3M (dba)  
OV1 250 48
OV1 315 54
OV 4E 350 62



The Fanco OV Exhaust fan range is built with quality components and with efficiency in mind.

The fans consumption changes depending on the model size. View the varied Watt amounts below and see how much it would cost to run in your home

MODEL Max Motor wattage (w)  
OV1 250 68
OV1 315 110
OV 4E 350 140

How do I know what

size fan my room requires?

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How much does the Hybrid

cost to run?

*Calculations based on the data provided by Finder.com.au for 2022 to derive average prices per State for the cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour. Calculator is not indicative of exact running costs.

OV Exhaust Fan Range

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