Nightingale Bowden is the first of its kind, housing development project in South Australia by Nightingale. As part of Nightingale’s core values, this project also aims to create sustainable and community-focused living spaces that prioritise in environmental and social considerations.

Nightingale Bowden places emphasis on sustainable design principles, by integrating features such as passive solar design, energy-efficient features, and water-saving measures. Additionally, as a prominent feature into the series of the Nightingale buildings, the development promotes a sense of community through shared spaces, such as rooftop gardens, communal dining areas, and bike storage facilities. To appreciate the surroundings, the building materials and form of this project have been carefully considered to acknowledge Bowden’s industrial past. 

The Fanco Eco Motion Ceiling Fan was specifically chosen for the Nightingale Bowden project due to its industrial look and energy-efficiency. The industrial, yet modern look of the Eco Motion enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the project. Its design seamlessly blends with the architectural style of the building, contributing to a cohesive and visually pleasing environment. While its more functional characteristics such as low consumption and energy efficiency through the fan’s reliable motor and quiet operation make it an excellent and reliable cooling option for any space. Overall, the selection of the Eco Motion Ceiling Fan for the Nightingale Bowden project highlights the importance of thoughtful choices in design and technology to create sustainable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing living environments.

By prioritizing sustainability and quality, Nightingale Housing once again demonstrates a dedication to creating spaces that are both environmentally friendly and enjoyable to inhabit, contributing to a better quality of life for residents while also reducing the project’s overall environmental impact.

Project name:
Nightingale Bowden



Kate Longley and Anthony Basheer

Fanco Products:
Eco Motion DC Ceiling Fans

Image Credits – Kate Longley and Anthony Basheer – Project by Nightingale