Cobden St Residence Bright

It has always been common for retiring families to seek a tree change and downsize as they move through their twilight years.  Often these homes represent the culmination of a lifetime of experiences, successes, triumphs and stories, and it’s common for the designs of these homes to reflect the personalities and experiences of those that inhabit them. The Cobden St Residence, built in the picturesque town of Bright within the Victorian Alps, is no exception.

The residents chose to move to Bright as it was a favourite holidaying destination in their past, and they had spent years travelling and exploring the town and its magnificent alpine surroundings.  They wished to use the opportunity that their new home provided to design it in a way where it honoured the surrounding alpine landscape, in both physical design – to maximise its energy efficiency and make the home adaptive to its surroundings – and also the home’s aesthetics paying homage to the local materials and stylings the environment provided.

Constructed by Hadar builders, the home achieves its design goals, and typifies the surrounding environment through its layout, modern energy efficient design, and material choices. The build maintains an alpine aesthetic with stone elements and pitched roof lines used to connect the building to its surroundings, that also act as effective passive climate control elements ideal for the colder alpine winters and dry hot Victorian summers. To complement this the residents have installed a Fanco Sanctuary DC over their living space directly under a high, pitched ceiling. The Sanctuary is an ideal choice for the space as its larger size and service area allows it to cover the whole living space. Its curved design and solid timber blades aesthetically complement the flooring and exterior tree line, adding cohesiveness and connectivity between the inside and outside spaces. The combination of the natural timber tones and black also let the fan stand out against the surrounding white ceiling, giving the fan a real sense of place and allowing it to become a centrepiece of the room, without overpowering or detracting from the surrounding architecture. 

Considering the colder climate of the location, the project had to consider design elements that would insulate and protect the home in all weather conditions. Ventilation plays a key part in this, and the inclusion of the Fanco Sanctuary allows the residents to maximise the energy efficiency of their ceiling space through the fan’s reverse mode functionality.  Providing smooth and soothing airflow during the summer months and re-circulating stagnant, warm air during the Winter months, this added functionality combines with the aesthetics of the fan to create a comfortable, considered space – balancing its aesthetics with its surroundings, its energy efficiency with its functionality, and its location with its residents.  

The Cobden St Residence in Bright stands as a testament to thoughtful and intentional design, seamlessly blending with its stunning alpine surroundings. Through meticulous attention to detail and a deep respect for the local environment, the home embodies the culmination of its residents’ lifelong experiences and love for the area. The inclusion of energy-efficient features like the Fanco Sanctuary DC fan enhances the home’s functionality while maintaining its aesthetic harmony. This residence not only offers a comfortable and sustainable living space but also reflects the unique personalities and stories of its inhabitants, creating a true sanctuary in the heart of the Victorian Alps.

Project name:
Cobden St Residence, Bright


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Image Credits – Richard Iskov, Little Brother Media