Davison Collaborative

The Davison Collaborative, a pioneering project by HIP V. HYPE, has emerged as a beacon of sustainable development in Melbourne. As an ethical, socially conscious, and environmentally focused property developer, HIP V. HYPE has paved the way for a new paradigm in townhouse development.

Through the innovative concept of Collaborative Development, this project showcases the power of resource pooling and professional expertise to create three highly sustainable homes on a single block in Brunswick. With a commitment to environmental responsibility and community engagement, The Davison Collaborative embodies a vision for a greener and more vibrant future. At the heart of The Davison Collaborative lies a profound commitment to sustainability. Recognising the urgency of addressing climate change, the development aims to be net carbon positive in operation, significantly reducing its environmental impact. By incorporating sustainable design principles and cutting-edge technologies, the homes are poised to achieve a minimum environmental rating of 8 stars. These remarkable energy-efficient dwellings will be powered by fossil fuel-free, 100% electric green power, ensuring a minimal carbon footprint and reducing energy bills for residents.

The key differentiating factor of The Davison Collaborative is the innovative approach of Collaborative Development. By leveraging the expertise and resources of the townhouse owners, HIP V. HYPE has brought together a collective vision for sustainable living. Each owner contributed their professional experience in architecture, sustainability, and project management, fostering a collaborative environment that nurtured creativity and excellence. This unique model demonstrates how pooling resources and knowledge can lead to exceptional outcomes that benefit both the residents and the broader community.

“The homes are targeted to be net carbon positive in operation, reducing their environmental impact, as well as reducing energy bills for the residents. We have targeted a minimum environmental rating of 8 stars and fossil fuel free 100% electric green power.” HIP V HYPE

A notable feature of The Davison Collaborative is the strategic use of Fanco Infinity-ID Fans to combat the need for traditional air conditioning systems. These fans have proven to be one of the most effective tools in reducing the buildings’ energy usage while maintaining a comfortable living environment. With it’s minimalistic design the Infinity-ID Fans seamlessly integrate into the overall aesthetic of the townhouses. This design synergy enables the architects to achieve their sustainability goals without compromising on the visual appeal of the development. 

Projects like The Davison Collaborative, serve as meaningful benchmarks for designers striving to achieve excellence in sustainable development. At Fanco, we are inspired by collaborative development and its potential to shape the future of urban living. These remarkable townhouse development exemplifies the power of pooling resources and expertise to set a new standard for environmentally responsible design.

The Davison Collaborative’s commitment to net carbon-positive operation, high energy ratings, and the strategic integration of ceiling fans perfectly aligns with our sustainable approach. These projects embody our vision for a greener and more sustainable future, offering inspiration to both designers and communities alike. As Melbourne embraces a sustainable path forward, projects like The Davison Collaborative are beacons of innovation, demonstrating how thoughtful and environmentally conscious practices can lead to positive change and shape the future of our urban development.

Project name:
Davison Collaborative

Project by:

Tess Kelly

Fanco products:
Infinity-i DC Ceiling Fans

Image Credits – Davison Collaborative – Project by Hip V. Hype, Photography Tess Kelly