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Kenner Electrics earned their excellent reputation by putting their customers at the centre of their business. They want the best for their customers, which is why they are happy to source and install Fanco ceiling fans.  Like Fanco, they are committed to sustainability and service. We asked them what they like about our products.

Q. What sets Kenner Electrics apart from other electricians?

A. Our focus at Kenner Electrics has always been on providing great customer service and communication to all our customers. We pride ourselves on being ‘tidy tradies’ that respect you and your home, leaving it even cleaner than when we arrived.
The quality of our work is at the core of what we do, so we provide a lifetime workmanship guarantee on all our jobs. We also provide added value to all our customers by offering a free home electrical safety check while working on site, meaning our electricians will check for any electrical safety issues around your home and provide you with a solution, and peace of mind!

Q. Fanco and Kenner Electrics share a commitment to sustainability. Tell us about your approach to this issue.

A. At Kenner Electrics, we’re passionate about having a positive impact on our local community and our environment. That’s why we’ve implemented a Sustainability Policy so that we can protect our environment and minimise the amount of waste that we send to landfill.

When we install a ceiling fan or exhaust fan, our electricians remove all packaging from site. It is then sorted into polystyrene, cardboard, soft plastics etc. and recycled through dedicated recycling partners. Alongside this, we also recycle all of our scrap cable, batteries, e-waste, fluorescent lights and more.

At Kenner Electrics, we educate our customers on positive actions they can take to make a difference. These include low-wattage LED lighting upgrades, heating and cooling options with high energy star ratings, automation and sensors to ensure appliances and lighting are used efficiently. We also practice what we preach, with solar panels, efficient cooling systems and a compost bin at our office. For more information on the Kenner Electrics Sustainability Policy, please visit our website.

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Q. You’ve been choosing Fanco products for quite some time now. What do you like about our range?

A. The Fanco range provides a wide variety of high quality, reliable and aesthetically pleasing products to suit all our customers’ needs. No matter which fan they choose, we have found all the Fanco products are made with quality materials, are well constructed and come with a great warranty. The fans also come in a range of appealing designs, with powerful and efficient motors that operate quietly.

Our electricians find that the Fanco range are very easy to install, and their quality electrical components mean that they are reliable. At the end of the day, our customers are always happy with the end result when they get a Fanco product installed, which is why Kenner Electrics will keep on using and recommending Fanco products.

Q. Your Facebook page recently listed our Urban 2 as the top ceiling fan with your customers. Why do you think it’s so popular?

A. We believe the Fanco Urban 2 ceiling fan is popular with our customers because of its sleek, modern design. It looks good in any room, and suits the lifestyle of our customers with its quiet operation and great price point. It also comes with a market leading 3-year in-home warranty which provides peace of mind to our customers.

The Urban 2 comes with a great range of options depending on the functionality and aesthetics preferred by the customer. The light/remote options and the variety of colours mean that it suits any home. It offers both AC and DC options, which provides flexibility to mix and match throughout the home, if for example you preferred a super quiet DC fan in the bedroom whilst opting for an AC fan in a living area.

Q. What do you recommend in a ceiling fan?

A. Whenever a customer asks us for advice, a ceiling fan with a quality build and proven reliability will always be at the top of our recommendation list. Other factors that we consider when recommending a fan include its ability to move air efficiently, quiet operation and whether it comes with the option of a good quality LED light with a dimmable option.


Q. What would you say about installing Fanco products?

A. Our electricians highly rate Fanco products for their ease of installation. This is especially true for the remote controlled fans that require the receiver to be installed in the housing of the fan. Fanco have improved on other products on the market by ensuring that the fan design allows the receiver to fit without putting pressure on the electrical cables.

Q. The TT mixflow inline fan is also a favourite with your customers. What do you see as the advantages of this model?

A. The TT Mixflow Inline fan is a favourite of our customers due to its reliability and functionality. In the years that Kenner Electrics has been installing this product, we have never seen a faulty unit! The fan is powerful but still operates quietly, and the standard sizing means it is perfect for retrofitting in apartment buildings.

Q. Do your staff find Fanco products easy to install?

A. We have found that Fanco products are some of the easiest products on the market to install, even with the added equipment needed for remote control ceiling fan operation. The ceiling fans are straightforward to assemble and install and the TT Mixflow inline exhaust fan separates into parts and can then be easily re-assembled which enables us to fit them in areas that other fans won’t fit. Our electricians prefer installing Fanco products over other products.

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