Hastings Residence

In a world where architecture is celebrated for its aesthetics, and interior design for its elegance, Australian interior designer Heather Schwarz stands out for transcending convention and creating a unique space that is not just visually pleasing but also incredibly functional. Meet Heather Schwarz, the creative force behind the stunning renovation of her own bathroom, a transformative project not only redefines the concept of disability-friendly design but also showcases the pivotal role that proper ventilation plays in empowering architects and designers to change the mould and create truly inclusive spaces. 

Project name:
Hastings Residence

Project by:
Heather Schwarz

Jarrod Barnes

Fanco products:
Hybrid Series

Heather Schwarz, interior designer, and devoted mother, embarked on a journey to breathe new life into her family’s 17-year-old bathroom. As the primary caregiver for her son Joshua, who requires specialised care due to his disability, Heather understood the urgent need for a bathroom that was not just beautiful but also thoughtfully designed to cater to Joshua’s unique needs.

The existing bathroom layout, though functional for a younger family, was no longer suitable as her children grew and their requirements evolved. Heather recognised that the key to addressing this challenge lay in curvilinear design, which not only aligns with contemporary trends but also offered a solution to her quest for safety and elegance.

Heather’s renovation journey centered around creating a space that would seamlessly blend beauty with accessibility. She emphasised the importance of eliminating sharp corners and glass surfaces, ensuring a safe environment for Joshua, who faces balance challenges. The absence of glass and the incorporation of wide open spaces not only fostered a feeling of serenity but also provided ample room for Joshua and his caregiver.

“I love the emphasis of a wall with no glass,” Heather explained, reflecting on her design choices. This approach resulted in an open, inviting bathroom that could accommodate two individuals comfortably and even offer wheelchair access. The design also resonated with her family’s preference for a soothing, neutral colour palette, demonstrating Heather’s unique ability to merge aesthetics with functionality.

The success of this transformative bathroom renovation hinged not just on its aesthetic appeal and accessibility but also on the crucial aspect of ventilation. Enter the Fanco Hybrid exhaust fan – a sleek and contemporary masterpiece that combines high performance with a quiet motor. Its quiet yet effective operation was a critical factor in maintaining the tranquil ambiance that Heather aimed to achieve.

Heather, a meticulous researcher, delved into the intricacies of cubic meterage and air circulation. Her meticulous planning led her to the Fanco Hybrid fan, a choice that she is thrilled with even after five weeks of its installation. “It’s working a treat,” Heather exclaimed, visibly satisfied with the performance of her carefully selected ventilation solution.

The heart of this renovation lies in its philosophy of accessible design that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics. Heather’s deep personal connection to disability, stemming from her stepfather’s experience and her own accident, has imbued her with a profound sense of purpose to promote functional yet stylish spaces for all. “It doesn’t need to be like a nursing home,” she asserts, reiterating the importance of embracing accessible design that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding aesthetics.

Heather’s bathroom renovation project was a labor of love, taking more than a year to come to fruition due to unforeseen life events and health interruptions. However, as she wisely acknowledges, delays can often lead to more in-depth research and better outcomes. Her journey exemplifies the fusion of passion, dedication, and meticulous planning that transformed a dated bathroom into an elegant oasis of comfort and accessibility.

In the end, the renovated bathroom isn’t just a stunning space; it’s a testament to Heather Schwarz’s unwavering commitment to creating an environment that caters to her family’s needs while maintaining a seamless blend of beauty and functionality. With the Fanco Hybrid exhaust fan playing a pivotal role in ensuring optimal air quality and freshness, Heather’s vision has come to life in a way that surpasses even her initial expectations.