Hawks Nest Residence

Nestled in the breathtaking mid-north coast of Kangaroo Island, the Hawks Nest Residence stands as a testament to the harmonious integration of architectural brilliance and respect for the surrounding natural environment. Fanco, a renowned provider of innovative ceiling fans, is proud to have been involved in this remarkable project. Working alongside Contech, an architectural and construction company known for their commitment to context-driven design, Fanco helped bring to life the vision of creating a space that seamlessly blends with its stunning surroundings. The Hawks Nest Residence serves as a gateway for visitors to immerse themselves in the untamed beauty of Kangaroo Island. With a design that emphasizes natural aesthetics, the residence stands as an architectural masterpiece, enhancing the landscape rather than overpowering it. The collaboration between Fanco and Contech showcases how architecture and design can create truly beautiful spaces that honor and accentuate the land they are built upon.

Contech, the architectural and construction company behind the Hawks Nest Residence, holds a unique approach to their projects. Their team combines creative vision with efficient project delivery, placing a strong emphasis on the connection between buildings, surroundings, and community. Contech’s philosophy aligns perfectly with Fanco’s dedication to providing innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate with the built environment.
In line with the architectural and sustainable goals of the Hawks Nest Residence, the Infinity-ID fans played a vital role in enhancing the space. These fans channel the energy of the project, and exist as a seamless blend of the elegance and functionality of the architecture, condensed into the overhead fans. The Infinity-ID fans not only complement the architecture but also promote sustainability with their strong energy-efficient features.
The Hawks Nest Residence serves as an epitome of the symbiotic relationship between architecture and nature, made possible through the collaboration between Contech and Fanco. Together, they have crafted a haven that embraces the untamed beauty of Kangaroo Island while providing a unique and memorable experience for its visitors. Fanco’s Infinity-ID fans have played a crucial role in enhancing the elegance and sustainability of the space, aligning perfectly with the project’s overarching vision. Discover the remarkable allure of Hawks Nest Residence and witness how Fanco and Contech have created a space that is a testament to the inherent beauty of its surroundings.

“As an architectural + construction company we love to work both conceptually and with the finer detail. It’s perhaps this blend of ‘design and construct’ that truly represents who we are as a practice. Providing clients with an integrated design and construction solution tailored to their individual needs and budget remains core to our business.” Contech

Project name:
Hawks Nest Residence

Project by:

David Sievers

Fanco products:
Infinity-i DC Ceiling Fans


Image Credits – Hawks Nest Residence – Project by Contech, Photography David Sievers