The Highgate Residence, situated in South Australia, is an exemplary project by Contech, an architectural and construction company known for its innovative designs and efficient project delivery. The residence showcases a perfect amalgamation of modern aesthetics, sleek minimalistic details, and a spacious natural aesthetic. With double lofted living areas and Tasmanian Oak lined high ceilings, the interior exudes warmth, texture, and abundant natural light. In the past, older houses heavily relied on passive ventilation and climate control systems integrated into the structures, as air conditioning had not yet been invented. These design elements were essential in providing comfort and regulating indoor temperatures, enhancing the livability of those spaces.
Today, modern construction projects, like the Highgate Residence, continue to honor the principles of sustainable design while embracing contemporary aesthetics. Contech’s approach to the project revolves around a deep understanding of the context and location. They prioritise the connection between their buildings, the environment, and the community, ensuring their designs not only blend seamlessly into their surroundings but also contribute positively to the overall ecosystem. Ceiling fans, as passive design elements, have gained increasing recognition for their energy-efficient and environmentally friendly attributes. They effectively promote natural airflow, providing a cost-effective and sustainable means of cooling indoor spaces.

Fanco’s involvement in the project aligns perfectly with the ideals of sustainable concerns and aesthetics that Contech aimed to achieve. Contech’s blend of ‘design and construct’ philosophy epitomises their approach to the project. By combining conceptual thinking with an eye for finer details, they create living spaces that not only look aesthetically pleasing but also enhance the well-being of its residents. The Highgate Residence stands as a testament to their commitment to providing integrated design and construction solutions tailored to the unique needs and budget of their clients. The Highgate Residence exemplifies how a balanced fusion of sustainable concerns and contemporary aesthetics can create magnificent living spaces that complement and honour the environment around them. By incorporating passive design elements like ceiling fans, these spaces become more than just visually appealing; they become truly livable environments that prioritize the well-being of their occupants while respecting the surrounding built environment. Contech’s vision, combined with Fanco’s innovative Infinity-ID fans, has resulted in a remarkable project that sets a new standard for sustainable and delightful architecture.

“As an architectural + construction company we love to work both conceptually and with the finer detail. It’s perhaps this blend of ‘design and construct’ that truly represents who we are as a practice. Providing clients with an integrated design and construction solution tailored to their individual needs and budget remains core to our business.” CONTECH

Project name:
Highgate Residence

Project by:

Jack Fenby

Fanco products:
Infinity-i DC Ceiling Fans

Image Credits – Highgate Residence – Project by Contech, Photography by Jack Fenby