The New Lambton Extension Project is a remarkable architectural endeavor located in New Lambton, NSW. Spearheaded by the acclaimed design-based practice, BOURNE + BLUE ARCHITECTURE, in collaboration with Built by Eli, the project revolves around an innovative property extension that embodies both modern design principles and a commitment to sustainability. BOURNE + BLUE ARCHITECTURE, a well-established firm founded in 1996, has earned a strong reputation for delivering exceptional projects across Australia. Their diverse portfolio includes residential extensions, renovations, and the construction of schools, universities, and childcare centers in prominent locations like Canberra, Port Macquarie, Gerroa, Sydney, Newcastle, Nelson Bay, Hunter Valley, and Pacific Palms. Built by Eli, the builder for this project, is a reputable company based in Newcastle, renowned for its focus on high-quality craftsmanship, collaborative approach, sustainability, and meticulous attention to detail. One of the essential aspects of the New Lambton Extension Project is its dedication to preserving the historical context while embracing modernity. This project exemplifies how modern architecture plays a crucial role in the preservation of the past. By thoughtfully integrating the new extension with the existing structure and surroundings, BOURNE + BLUE ARCHITECTURE ensures that the project enhances the cultural and historical value of the area. In line with the sustainability goals, the project makes a conscious effort to consider the environmental impacts of modern technology. As part of this commitment, the project incorporates energy-efficient and eco-friendly elements throughout. This approach includes the selection of environmentally responsible materials, energy-saving technologies, and sustainable construction practices to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the building.

Fanco supplied some Origin fans for the project’s outdoor spaces, making a valuable contribution to enhancing air ventilation and thermal comfort. By choosing Fanco’s energy-efficient fans, the project aligns itself with its sustainability objectives, promoting natural air circulation and improving the year-round usability of the outdoor spaces year round. The exceptional open-plan design of the New Lambton Extension Project further supports its sustainability goals. The seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces allows for natural ventilation, enabling a consistent flow of fresh air throughout the building. This innovative approach not only reduces the reliance on artificial cooling but also enhances the overall comfort and well-being of the occupants.

Project name:
New Lambton Extension

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Alex McIntyre Photography 

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Origin Ceiling Fans

Image Credits – New Lambton Extension – Project by Bourne Blue Architecture, Photography by Alex McIntyre