The Nightingale model of homes emphasizes housing build for people, not profit. It focuses on collective well-being through environmental, financial, and social sustainability. This model has been perfectly embodied in Nightingale’s first project in Western Australia – Freemantle.  It incorporates the spirit of its surrounds, channeling the city’s humble industrial roots through its striking use of brick, steel, and metallic cladding.

The building balances a mixture of White-on-White modern design with sustainably focused shared spaces, including outdoor gardens, veggie patches and common areas. Central to this is the emphasis on passive sustainability mixed into every part of the project’s design. One of its key areas of focus is the use of passive ventilation to support reduced energy consumption and promote a healthier built environment for the residents.

The Fanco Eco Silent Deluxe was specifically chosen for this project because of its energy efficient DC motor and powerful airflow, creating a significant impact in cooling the rooms it services. Its elegant white design blends seamlessly with the simplistic interiors and the modern exteriors of the project.

Nightingale’s holistic sustainable approach to creating communities that equally respects its inhabitants and environment align with Fanco’s values and we are proud to be continued supporters of Nightingale’s projects. We are invested in projects that improve the quality of our built environment and foster sustainable communities from now into the future.

Project name:
Nightingale Freemantle


McCorkell Construction

Kate Longley

Fanco Products:
Eco Silent Deluxe DC Ceiling Fans

Image Credits – Kate Longley – Project by Nightingale