Ona Coffee Melbourne Showcase

The ONA Coffee Melbourne Flagship Store project is a collaboration between ONA Coffee, an Australian specialty coffee roaster, and Fanco, a prominent ceiling fan brand. The project aimed to create a beautifully designed commercial space that highlights ONA Coffee’s vision while incorporating Fanco’s highly efficient Infinity-i DC model ceiling fans. This report will explore the significance of commercial spaces in the built environment and discuss how well-designed retail and leisure spaces, like the ONA Coffee Flagship Store, can enhance customer experiences, increase profits, and provide positive externalities for the community.

Commercial spaces play a vital role in shaping the built environment of cities. They provide venues for various businesses and services, contributing to the overall economic development and vibrancy of urban areas. Well-planned commercial spaces enhance the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings and create hubs for social interactions. The ONA Coffee Flagship Store project recognises the significance of such spaces by offering a unique and inviting experience centred around specialty coffee. A well-designed retail and leisure space, like the ONA Coffee Flagship Store, goes beyond aesthetics and serves to optimise the customer experience. The incorporation of Fanco’s Infinity-i DC model ceiling fans is a testament to this focus on customer comfort. These fans provide efficient air circulation, ensuring a pleasant ambiance even during hot weather, making the space more comfortable and enjoyable for patrons.

The use of thoughtful design elements and aesthetics contributes to a positive emotional response from customers. This not only encourages longer stays and repeat visits but also creates a sense of loyalty towards the brand and the space itself. Customers are more likely to engage with the environment when they feel at ease, fostering a stronger connection to the brand and its values. A well-designed commercial space like the ONA Coffee Flagship Store can have a significant impact on profits. By prioritizing customer comfort and providing a unique experience, businesses can attract more customers and encourage them to spend more time and money. The inviting ambiance and positive word-of-mouth from satisfied customers can lead to increased foot traffic and higher sales, ultimately boosting revenue.

Moreover, the positive externalities generated by well-designed commercial spaces extend beyond the business owner. A successful flagship store can become a destination, attracting tourists and locals alike. As the store gains popularity, it may contribute to the revitalisation of the surrounding neighbourhood, attracting more businesses and investments, thus benefiting the entire community. The ONA Coffee Melbourne Flagship Store project is a prime example of how well-designed commercial spaces can create better customer experiences and increase profits for businesses. By collaborating with Fanco and incorporating their Infinity-i DC model ceiling fans, ONA Coffee enhances the comfort and ambiance of their flagship store. This not only fosters a stronger connection with customers but also leads to positive externalities for the business owner and the community. The success of such projects exemplifies the importance of prioritising design and customer comfort in commercial spaces, contributing to the overall vitality and economic growth of urban areas.

Project name:
Ona Coffee Melbourne Showcase

Project by:
Ona Coffee Melbourne Flagship Store

Rowan Marsh-Croft

Fanco products:
Infinity-i DC Ceiling Fans

Image Credits -Ona Coffee Melbourne Showcase – Photography by Rowan Marsh-Croft (Instagram: @foxroyale)