Plympton Residence

Contech’s latest residential project is a family home renovation, located in Plympton, SA.

The design is based around the idea of the structure of an open pavilion, by creating flexible living interiors which are directly connected to outdoor areas.

From the street view, the home preserves its more traditional stone façade. While having a closer look through the building, it features a subtle but modern feel through its interior and outdoor areas.

Contech is an architectural and construction company, that is dedicated to offering a range of services focused on combining their creative vision and passion for the built form with efficient project delivery.Their ideas stem from analysing the context and location of the projects they work in and place priority on the connection in between their buildings, the surroundings and the community.

“As an architectural + construction company we love to work both conceptually and with the finer detail. It’s perhaps this blend of ‘design and construct’ that truly represents who we are as a practice. Providing clients with an integrated design and construction solution tailored to their individual needs and budget remains core to our business.” Contech

Project name:
Plympton Residence

Project by:

David Sievers

Fanco products:
Infinity-i DC Ceiling Fans


Image Credits – Plympton Residence – Project by Contech, Photography David Sievers