Kit 8: Large Bathroom Kit Dual Intake TT 150 Silent (Up to 37m3)

Inline fan kits come with all the components you need to install an inline fan exhaust system. The kit consists of an intake vent usually positioned in the ceiling of the room you wish to exhaust, some ducting, the inline fan and an external vent to sit on the outside wall or under an eave. The systems are a popular choice for toilets and bathrooms and are available in a range of sizes to suit small, medium and large size rooms.

This kit is a premium choice, as it comes with the TT Silent 150mm. This fan is considerably quieter than the standard TT 150mm (the official dbA rating from the manufacturer is approx 20dbA less).

The Dual Intake system allows for both to be installed either in one large room, or for separate intakes in adjoining rooms. Both variables are shown below in the graphics.

550 m3/hr (152.77 l/s)[/su_label] [su_label type=”success”]Silent Mixflow

Kit Includes:
1 x TT 150 In Line Fan Click to view fan Specs
1 x T Juntion
2 x Internal plastic cone vent 150mm
1 x External plastic vent 150mm
1 x Back draft shutter 150mm

1 x 6m Flexible Duct 150mm

1 x Duct tape

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