Our Partnership with Habitat for Humanity

Fanco Australia is proud to support Habitat for Humanity’s work in Australia. Since late 2018, every Habitat for Humanity House built in Australia includes Fanco products. We supply Habitat for Humanitiy homes with ceiling fans for their bedrooms and living rooms, as well as exhaust fans for the bathroom and toilet.

Making a Difference

This makes a real difference to Habitat for Humanity’s work. Before we joined forces, their homes only had cooling in the living room, using an air conditioner.  This was an excellent start, but we saw a chance to make it even better. With our support, Habitat for Humanity families can reduce their energy bills without sacrificing comfort. This is because using ceiling fans with (or instead of) an air conditioner makes homes more energy efficient. New builds will have ceiling fans to cool the bedrooms too.

Habitat for Humanity in Australia

Australians like to help each other out – so it’s no surprise that Habitat for Humanity programs work here. Even in a country as lucky as Australia, there are still people who need a little extra help. “Housing stress” is a problem in this country so there are a lot of Australians struggling to make ends meet.

Habitat for Humanity believes in empowering people by building homes. Once Habitat secures land for a build, they find families who need a “hand up, not a hand out”. Then they work with these people to build a home. Once Habitat’s work is done, their partner families are in a more secure place. As a result of Habitat’s work, partner families lives get a little bit easier. Reducing their financial stress allows families to concentrate more on other areas of their lives.

Why We Do It

Every now and then we come across the chance to work on a project which benefits a whole community. It’s easy to focus on the tallest buildings and modern designs, but above all else, building projects create shelter. Giving shelter to the families who need it is certainly one of the most rewarding projects we can think of.

Habitat For Humanity Family