The Red Hill project is set on a sloping site surrounded by native Australian bushland and lush gum trees. The design aims to create a home that seamlessly blends into the landscape whilst respecting its surrounding natural heritage.

The project has been meticulously designed to reflect this ethos, made with recycled and locally sourced wooden materials, the house is filled with passive energy-saving design efficiencies that reduce the energy needs of the house, and in turn reduce it’s carbon footprint. The house oozes quality and care throughout its design, from the room orientation and window placement to the craftsmanship of the fixtures and fittings. These deliberate choices have strengthened the project’s bond between the family roots it’s inhabitants represent, and the natural roots of its surrounding environment and create a space that feels integrated within its surroundings, without any compromise for modern living considerations.

With its architecturally inspired shapes and extreme energy efficiency, the Fanco Infinity iD integrates itself perfectly into not just the aesthetics of the project, but its considered design thinking as well. The strong and deliberate angular shapes that define the look and feel of the project are elegantly reflected in the Infinity’s blade designs. The Infinity supports the passive design elements of the house reducing the house’s energy consumption, whilst boosting the climate control and ultimate comfort the house has been built to provide.

At Fanco we adore projects that transform their environment whilst also staying true to their heritage and surrounds. The Red Hill project focus on creating a safe space for it’s inhabitants and it encourages the strengthening of family roots by connecting and paying homage to its natural surroundings. 

Project name:
Red Hill

Project by:

James Geer

Fanco Products:
Infinity iD DC Ceiling Fans

Image Credits – James Geer – Project by InForm Architects, Photography James Geer