SMART ceiling fans utilise modern technology to help you cool and heat your home more efficiently. Australians are falling in love with SMART technology, and it is clear why. The benefits of home automation make life simpler and can even help older people or people with disabilities maintain their independence. A ceiling fan is the perfect appliance to integrate into your  SMART home, and we saw an opportunity to expand the options available on the Australian market. We have just launched Australia’s largest range of DC SMART fans, and we are very excited to help you change the way you use fans at home. 

What is a SMART ceiling fan?

Most people understand that a SMART ceiling fan can be operated from a smart device, but may not realise how many possibilities open up because of this. Switching on your fan from your phone is only the tip of the iceberg. A SMART fan connects to the internet through the phone or tablet, so it has access to all kinds of information. Essentially, you’re giving your fan the power to read the weather and predict when it gets dark. Once a fan has access to this information, it can react to it too. 

Of course, it’s not the fan “reading” the weather, it’s the app on your SMART device. So it’s really important to choose an app that gives you all of the functionality you’re looking for to get the most out of SMART technology. Our SMART range is compatible with the Tuya app, which comes with a great range of features. It’s also compatible with lots of SMART products from leading Australian brands, so if you want to, you can control your Fanco SMART fan, your lights, your fridge and other smart appliances from the same app. 

 Do I need to Get Smart?

Choosing a model from our SMART DC range does not lock you into using SMART tech. It’s your choice. All of the DC fans in our SMART range come with a modern remote control that operates your fan without an internet connection. But before you decide to go without, you should know that SMART technology allows you more options in terms of how you use your ceiling fan.

Why should I choose to be SMART?

There are many exciting benefits to having a Smart Ceiling Fan. Even if you are not into the latest technology, there are many useful features we promise you will love, based on our own Smart ceiling fan range and its specific features. 

why should you use your ceiling fan's smart functions

Remotes are so convenient, and now you can replicate all the remote functions on your SMART phone and SMART devices, giving you several remotes for the one fan! You can use this in many situations. For example, one night, you realise that the kids left the fan on when they turned the light off before bed. Turning the light on would wake them up. SMART technology saves you from searching around in the dark for the remote. Instead, use your phone to turn off the fan. Easy!
You also won’t be sorry you chose a SMART option if the batteries on your remote go flat. Switching over to control the fan from your phone allows you to keep using your ceiling fan until you have a chance to go shopping.

Until now, people with more than one remote-controlled ceiling fan had two choices. The first was to have separate remotes for each ceiling fan, which allows you to set each fan to different settings. The second option was to control all fans from one remote. Even though this meant less clutter, it also stopped you from running fans in different settings. Operating one of our smart compatible ceiling fans through the Tuya app gives you more flexibility. The app allows you to control a single fan or create a group to run in sync. Once you have a group, you can switch between operating a ceiling fan as part of a group or on its own.

Depending on your lifestyle, scheduling your SMART fan can be a really handy feature. Let’s say you have a strict home workout scheduled every morning. Why not set the fan to the same schedule so it switches on before you get started?
Parents will love this feature too, especially if they have a fan with a light in the kid’s room. Scheduling the lights to switch off at a set time each night can help the kids learn a routine. The lights integrated into our fans have 8 step dimming and you can incorporate this into the schedule too. So if you’ve agreed with the kids that the lights go out at 8 pm, you can schedule the lights to dim at 7:45.

There are days when the temperature rises so gradually that you don’t notice until you’re already uncomfortable. Tuya allows you to set a rule which will turn the fans on automatically when the weather gets too warm for your liking. You can also use a setting like this to help keep your pets cool at home when you aren’t there.
If your Fanco SMART DC ceiling fan has an integrated light, you can also create a rule to switch the light on at a certain time or even when the sun goes down. This feature isn’t limited to the lights on our fans. It works with other Tuya compatible SMART globes too.
The possibilities are endless. Amazing!

With Tuya, you have the option of allowing the app to access the location settings on your phone. If you choose to do this, you can create a rule to automatically switch off any connected devices when you leave your home. Imagine never worrying about leaving the lights on again!

Our SMART ceiling fan range