Renovate or Rebuild – Season 2 House 2

Flinders Coastal Retreat



A couple, Greg and Susan just purchased a home in Flinders Victoria. Within the property there lies a humble fisherman’s shack nestled among the trees, just a short walk away from the beach, creating a picturesque image of serenity. The shack is extremely small, and parts of the building have deteriorated over the years. The couple also loves the outdoors, and even own a Caravan which they use to travel and marvel at the beautiful Australian landscapes. While the property already has a driveway, there’s no place to park the vehicle undercover.

While the couple is enamored with its local history the shack, it would take a lot of work to make it a convenient place to live in. Greg and Susan would like to modernize it and make it a Coastal home. With these factors in mind, a team of experts presents the couple with two options: renovate the shack or rebuild it from the ground up.

In the end, the couple decided to rebuild their Coastal dream house. While the renovate plan included rooms and facilities they both liked, such as the entertainment deck, the rebuild plan was more practical and added new convenient features.

The new design also uses clever techniques to save on space, even putting a secret door that leads to a tucked-away laundry. Even with all the wonderful new additions, there’s still a lot of lawn space for their dogs to run around in, and an undercover parking space for their caravan, which was noticeably missing from the renovation plan.

All these, combined with clever zoning, a well-insulated and airtight building envelope, and a 7-star energy rating, will mean that it will be both comfortable and economical to live in all year round. The estimated cost of the Rebuild is $850,000, significantly less than the $1.05 million of the proposed renovation plan.

Project name:
Flinders Coastal Retreat (Renovate or Rebuild, Season 2 House 2)

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