We are proud to announce our involvement in Season 2 of Renovate or Rebuild – as seen on Channel 9. Renovate or Rebuild is an award winning lifestyle TV show that tackles that timeless challenge faced by many homeowners: should I renovate or rebuild? The show features ex-block contestants as they help homeowners decide which path to take.

Throughout the season we will be proudly supplying a range of products including ceiling fans, exhaust fans and even our Heat Recovery products. Tune in each week to follow the exciting journey – below we will be providing a short summary of each episode as it airs.


renovate or rebuild house

Stafford Heights

In the picturesque suburb of Stafford Heights, Brisbane, lies a home with a history as vibrant as its mid century modern architecture. Lisa, the proud owner, has faced the timeless homeowner dilemma: to renovate or rebuild. With the assistance of a talented team comprising interior designer James Treble, dynamic duo Jimmy and Tam, renowned architect Paul Butterworth, Lisa embarked on a journey to revitalize her beloved abode.

After much deliberation, Lisa made her choice: to renovate. With a nod to practicality and a desire to preserve cherished memories, she opted for a design that honoured the home’s history while addressing its needs for modern living.

With a focus on natural cooling, Lisa along with Architect Paul Butterworth opted for the Eco Style ceiling fan and the results speak for themselves. 
With a seamless integration of the house’s mid century design and modern climate control and energy efficiency, this renovation has created a highly functional space that respects both is history and the climate around it.

HOUSE 2 - From Beach Shack to Modern Home

Flinders Coastal retreat

Greg and Suzanne found their dream home tucked away amidst the lush trees of Flinders, Victoria, a picturesque area known for its natural beauty.

The median house price in Flinders stands at an impressive $3 million, reflecting its status as a sought-after location. However, the real estate market in the area has seen fluctuations, prompting the couple to make wise decisions.

Their newfound abode features an old fisherman’s shack, steeped in local history despite its small size. Situated conveniently close to the beach for their beloved Border Collies and just a short drive from a magnificent golf course, which they both enjoy frequenting, the location couldn’t be more ideal.

Now, the dilemma lies in whether to renovate the quaint shack, preserving its historical charm, or to opt for a more efficient and potentially cost-effective solution by demolishing it and starting anew.

Greg had a dream about renovating the shack and keeping the history but after a nudge from Suzanne the Rebuild option won out. The parking space for the caravan plus the certainty of the cost and timeline for the prefab modular build of the rebuild option were deciding factors

House 3 - Dream Block of Land in need of a Dream Home

Dream Home

Angela and Julian live in Underwood, about 15 km south of Brisbane.

The median house price in Underwood is around $820,000. Along with the rest of the country, prices here have seen a huge jump in the last few years. They bought the house 5 years ago for $510,000.

Angela and Julien, looking to be close to the city but without the price tag, found this huge 800 square meter block and mid 1970’s house with great potential, too good to be true.

They moved in 4 years ago and although they love the location and the block, the house is ready for change and they need some help.

A tight budget, and keeping the elevation of the 2 story home were major factors on their final decision. In weighing up the options, budget and investment benefits the renovate design ultimately won them over.

HOUSE 4 - Coming soon...